Gateway to the Sky


Quantity Unit Price
1 $15.00
2+ $12.50


The sky world is a bring-your-own-blocks skyblock like world above the overworld. Even without this reward, it can be reached by flying high above the overworld. It is an empty void world locked to night and a full moon. It shares the same scale and seed as the overworld so the biomes align.

This reward will create a seed platform in the sky world “above” where you redeem it to allow you to build the most amazing mob farms imaginable! For your convenience it will also create a teleportation gateway at the location you are standing when you redeem the reward. The gateway is 5 blocks high and will REPLACE every block where you are standing from the block under your feet to two blocks above your head – so plan accordingly!

Despite it being perpetually night time in the sky world Villagers will operate in sync with the overworld! They will farm, breed, and sleep at the same times as their overworld counterparts in addition to spawning Iron Golems and giving HotV Gifts! (New feature as of 12/2020)

All reward books will be delivered to your in-game reward archive (/rewardarchive) and can be put back in (/rewardarchive put). All reward books in your reward archive at the time of a map reset will carry over to the new map. Once a reward book has been used in game to redeem the reward that book is consumed.